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At Top-K, we embody efficiency. With 25 years of experience, our expertise in Kosher certification ensures tailor-made solutions for your business. From the initial audit to obtaining the prestigious Kosher label, we offer a personalized approach. Our certification opens up new market opportunities, attracts quality-conscious consumers, and enhances your reputation. Join our global network of satisfied clients and discover how our commitment to quality and compliance can benefit your business.

Our story

The Creation of Top-K France

Recognizing the importance and necessity of a new kosher certification with high standards, and in the face of growing consumer demand in this market across Europe, it was in September 1997 that Rabbi Eliezer Wolff took the initiative to found the Top-K France Kosher Certification.

Thanks to Rabbi Wolff’s strong reputation among renowned rabbis in the field of kosher laws, Top-K France quickly established itself as a trustworthy label for kosher consumers in France and across Europe.

International Expansion

In 2005, Rabbi Eliezer Wolff was appointed to the position of rabbinical judge in Amsterdam. Emboldened by its director’s new standing, Top-K France embarked on significant expansion and became Top-K International Kosher Certification.

Activities extended beyond European borders, with the organization distinguishing itself as a major asset for accessing a global clientele concerned about kosher observance.

Top-K’s commitment to stringent standards and its collaboration with renowned certification bodies contributed to establishing it as a prominent player in the international kosher industry.

Top-K International Joins AKO

In December 2020, bolstered by many years of international experience, Top-K had the honor of joining the AKO – Association of Kashrus Organizations – an institution comprising primarily U.S.-based but also globally-operating kosher certification bodies.

Top-K takes pride in being one of the rare European organizations privileged to count itself among the members of this prestigious association.

This membership in AKO enables Top-K to actively participate in organized conferences and discussions, thereby maintaining a high level of quality service delivery while remaining at the forefront of developments within the industry.

Approval by the Israeli Rabbinate

In March 2021, as part of its growth strategy, Top-K applied for and obtained validation from the Israeli Rabbinate as an accredited kosher certification body. This approval serves as recognition of Top-K as a trusted label that meets the stringent standards outlined by the Israeli Rabbinate, and represents an imperative step to enable the export and marketing of certified products in the kosher market in Israel.

Top-K now offers companies trusting its services access to the largest kosher market in the world!


The founder

Our story begins with Rabbi Eliezer Wolff, originally from Strasbourg, France. A graduate of the Akiba high school in his hometown, he went on to devote over 10 years to Talmudic studies at prestigious institutions in Israel, obtaining a rabbinical diploma as a decisor of Jewish law awarded by renowned rabbis.

Upon returning to France, Rabbi Wolff served various communities before establishing himself in Amsterdam as a Rabbi and Rabbinical Decisor. It was during his time in France that the idea of creating a kosher certification adhering to the strictest standards was born. 25 years ago, he founded Top-K Kosher Certification.

Since then, Top-K has gained worldwide recognition thanks to Rabbi Eliezer Wolff’s solid reputation and uncontested expertise. Our certification strengthens consumer confidence by offering rigorous quality standards. It also opens doors to an expanded market of buyers attentive to kosher requirements. Join us to benefit from Top-K’s acclaimed reputation and excellence in the realm of kosher compliance.

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